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Wedding planning arrangements are

 custom tailored.

We are all about helping you make your vision come true. Together we are going to explore all the possibilities available. The end result will be an exquisite, detailed, memorable wedding day that is truly unique to you.

Each Wedding has its very own design. We will address the overall atmosphere, elements, textures, colors and of course your story.  Design is not only about colors and materials, it’s also about orchestration, timing, choice of entertainment, etc. Behind every extraordinary wedding, design & coordination are truly inseparable.

You are encouraged to address all of your questions, concerns and expectations. We strive to accommodate ourselves to your specific needs. You would experience a huge difference in terms of your own internal experience, the level of detail, organization, the performance of the other vendors involved, and also in terms of the flow and décor. 

This is an exciting, emotionally charged time no matter what your temperament. We really do believe in chemistry. Who do you want with you on your special day and to be speaking to routinely in the months leading up to your special day? There is no obligation for a consultation – so give us a call to chat!

We welcome same sex couples with open arms. We have planned weddings and other events of all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Wedding  Overview of Services

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Starting with the perfect venue, appropriate vendors and budget, we will work together from start to finish, ensuring that your special day is cohesive, personal, unique, alive and perfectly executed. With no stone left unturned, your guests will be talking about your special day long after the last dance. Read through all of the other services to get a further sense of our level of involvement. By your wedding day, we will be able to think, talk and walk as you but with our added expertise and without you having to be anywhere but with your family and friends.


We are so grateful to be involved in this fun and creative process. Starting with a lengthy conversation and a venue tour together, we will come up with a few ideas that suite the event’s flow and venue’s parameters, then we will get cracking on different ideas. Playing around with many options, always thinking big to small and small to big…How will this design effect the mood? How will it look and feel up close? How will it look and feel when guests first enter?

Working from the inside out, putting budget, floor-plan and logistics at the top of the list, just as important as aesthetic, we will create a stunning day that reflects you both. Whether your budget is $5,000 or $50,000. it is indeed a budget and we want to make the most of it!


All of your vendors have been set into place, you have a good idea of the look you are going for and the ambiance you want to create. Then we enter, weighing in on your choices, tweaking your design so that it looks as professional as possible, ironing out logistics and creating a detailed itinerary. This is a great option for those that cannot come on board for Full Planning or have started to experience stumbling blocks after having begun the planning process on their own. Not in all cases, but in many, we define partial planning as Month-of Coordination + Design Services.


Here you have put so much thought, time, money and emotions into planning your special day, why leave your wedding day up to chance? At some point, you will step back and let us take the lead. This way you can relax, recharge and enjoy your family and friends to the fullest! Truthfully, for a couple to let go and have as much fun as possible, a month of planner is necessary. There is so much going through your heart and mind when you get married; give yourself the gift of leaving the planning up to a trusted professional.