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Wedding and Event Planning

Weddings all have the same elements including the

bride, groom, ceremony and  reception. 

Something Unique Weddings has the wedding

 planners, who make sure that our

 clients wedding reflect the style, tastes and

 personalities of the client. The difference from

 and ordinary wedding to Something Unique is in

 the details. From the moment a guest arrives, 

our wedding planners insure that the guests 

experience the wedding you have envisioned for

 your perfect day.

Wedding planning arrangements are custom tailored.

We are all about helping you make your vision come true. Together we are going to explore all the possibilities available. The end result will be an exquisite, detailed, memorable wedding day that is truly unique to you.

Each Wedding has its very own design. We will address the overall atmosphere, elements, textures, colors and of course your story.  Design is not only about colors and materials, it’s also about orchestration, timing, choice of entertainment, etc. Behind every extraordinary wedding, design & coordination are truly inseparable.

You are encouraged to address all of your questions, concerns and expectations. We strive to accommodate ourselves to your specific needs. You would experience a huge difference in terms of your own internal experience, the level of detail, organization, the performance of the other vendors involved, and also in terms of the flow and décor. 

This is an exciting, emotionally charged time no matter what your temperament. We really do believe in chemistry. Who do you want with you on your special day and to be speaking to routinely in the months leading up to your special day? There is no obligation for a consultation – so give us a call to chat!

We welcome same sex couples with open arms. We have planned weddings and other events of all religious and cultural backgrounds.

a Fall Church Wedding
A Kansas City Spring Wedding